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Oct 23
How your Spinal Nerves affect your Health (the BEST visual)!
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Our chiropractic adjustments work naturally to help put your body in the proper position that then allows the body to heal itself! Each spinal nerve is related to certain organs and glands and therefore its related symptoms!! Allergies, ADHD, insomnia, stiff neck, congestion, PMS, infertility, shoulder pain, midback pain, constipation, low back pain, tingling in legs, restless legs, poor circulation, knee pain, foot pain…you name it!!  Let us help you treat your symptoms…naturally!


Jun 7
ALIGNMED Posture Apparel has arrived!
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Check out our Original FUNCTIONAL POSTURE APPAREL for better athletic and daily performance!

ALIGNMED uses evidence based knowledge to construct functional apparel that works with your body to relieve pain, increase performance, endurance and recovery. Not to mention, the increase in confidence and poise that good posture brings.

LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER.  AlignMed’s patented technology is the first to work in harmony with your body


Clothing that serves a function, takes a team of designers, engineers and scientists to develop. It is a fascinating area of development and AlignMed is the innovative pioneer.

“The data on the Posture Shirt indicates that athletes achieve better posture and shoulder strength that benefits them as well. I nicknamed the Posture Shirt the Superman Suit because it looks great and it gives my athletes more power!!!”
Ed Harvey , University of Arizona’s track coach

SEE all the apparel products AVAILABLE NOW through LIVE WELL CHIROPRACTIC SPA & ACUPUNCTURE CENTER by using our Affiliate code LIVEWELL for a 10% DISCOUNT on the ALIGNMED website here. Samples also available to see at Live Well!