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Jul 29
Testimonials for our chiropractors – Dr. Jo, Dr. Andria & Dr. Mandy
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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – Albert Einstein

My name is Rick and I became a patient/believer of Live Well Chiropractic in the fall of 2009. I have spent the last 15 years with chronic neck, shoulder and back problems. I felt like at age 54 I had the body of an 80 year old man. I have spent all that time bouncing between doctors, MRIs’ and physical therapist. I would follow all the procedures allowed by insurance, and at times I would feel pretty good. Eventually though it would comeback as bad as ever and we would start the cycle all over again. I just kept doing what the insurance company allowed.
Then a miracle happened! I was invited to an open house at Live Well Chiropractic and met Dr. Jo. I attended the open house and was the most skeptical person in attendance. I was able to ask all the tough questions that had been bothering me through all the years of on again off again pain. Dr. Jo didn’t shy away from any of my questions. She explained that when things are out of alignment and you do things I had been doing that I am going to get temporary relief from my symptoms. She went on to explain that when your body is in alignment and you do those things that are recommended, those things tend to be more permanent. I told her all my negative feelings about chiropractic treatments including cost and insurance or lack of coverage. Dr. Jo didn’t bat an eye as she explained a treatment plan. The first thing she told me is that they would contact my insurance company and find out my coverage and work within those limits, (boy what a relief) and that there would be no surprises. How many doctors offer to do that? Dr. Jo told me that it would take approximately 16 treatments and I would be on the road to permanent recovery. Well it has been 11 months and I haven’t felt this good in 15 years. I have lost 25 pounds because I finally have felt good enough to exercise. I have gone from feeling like the body of an 80 year old to the body of a 40 year old and I have Dr. Jo and her unbelievable team to thank for that.

My only regret about feeling so great is that I only get to go in once a month now. No matter how bad you feel going in you in, just walking in the door and being greeted by this caring group you start to feel better. That is the finest and most caring group you will ever meet. They have truly become friends that care about you and your family. Try to find that relationship anywhere else.

The team at Live Well Chiropractic is the best!!!

So to anyone out there that has the same fears and concerns that I had, please rest assured that you cannot be in any better hands then the team at Live Well Chiropractic.
To Dr. Jo and team, thank you for giving me my life back. No more chronic pain and no more fear that it’s coming back.
Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your friend and customer for life,
– Rick S.

A Testimonial related to Pregnancy Back Pain:

 “In my second pregnancy, I had severe sciatic and lower back pain. I could barely do regular household chores, or care for my two year old son. I was seeing Dr. Jo for chiropractic adjustments, when she suggested acupuncture. I was skeptical, but I gave it a try. The next morning, after acupuncture, I woke and the pain had disappeared…I am now a believer!”
– Nicole F.  (Chaska, MN)


A Testimonial from Studio L2 Pilates Training Center:

“Dr. Mandy, you are INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you thank you thank you for taking such great care of my pilates students (and my husband!).  Everyone commented on how wonderful, kind and engaging you are — and give amazing massages, too!  I have a feeling you’ll be getting some new patients!”
-Laura L.  Eden Prairie, MN


A Testimonial for Dr. Jo – From car accidents and sports injuries to pregnancy and postpartum care:

“I have been a patient at Live Well Chiropractic since 2010 receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Jo for car accidents and sport related injuries. Most recently my chiropractic treatment plan was for pregnancy and postpartum care.  Throughout my pregnancy I continued to see Dr. Jo on a regular basis which I feel contributed to limited back and hip pain while I was pregnant.  In addition, Dr. Jo worked with me to help reduce the pain associated with pregnancy carpal tunnel and overall swelling. Towards the end of my pregnancy Dr. Jo worked on specific pressure points and used acupuncture to help start labor.  Since the birth of my son I have continued to see Dr. Jo to help realign my body from the stress of pregnancy and delivery which has contributed to a quicker postpartum recovery.

Thank you, Dr. Jo for making the past 10 months as comfortable as possible.

– Heather L.


Another Testimonial about Pre and Post Natal Care:

I went to Live Well my entire pregnancy for prenatal physical care. This was my second pregnancy so my pain was much more and different than the first. Being adjusted once per week with the doctors here made my pregnancy much more tolerable. The atmosphere along with the wonderful care they provide is amazing! Thank you for getting me through a rough pregnancy!!

– Julie J.



A Testimonial for Dr. Andria from a family of Five:

Dr. Andria and the Team at Live Well are wonderful! Each member of our family of five see Dr. Andria. We had our newborn daughter seen a week after she was born to ensure she was properly aligned. We have found it also reduces fussiness. Our boys play hard and are hard on their bodies and if properly aligned they can grow as should.

– Emily B.


A Dr. Mandy Recommendation from another Happy Mama:

I love getting adjusted at Live Well because they take time to listen to their patients, hearing out any and all ailments. From the moment you walk in the door you can smell the fragrant oils used for adjustments and it immediately sets me at ease and I begin to relax. I started seeing Dr. Mandy at 28 weeks pregnant for help with the aches and pains of the Third Trimester. Not only did I start sleeping better, my heartburn got better and I felt wonderful! I wish I would have found Live Well earlier on in pregnancy. I’m sure I would have found relief from morning sickness and tiredness. Whether pregnant or not, I wholeheartedly recommend Live Well Chiropractic for overall wellness and to support well-being in all aspects of life.

– Katie E.

A SWEET Testimonial for Dr. Andria

Many happy moments come from us at Live Well. My husband and I struggled with getting pregnant. Dr. Andria suggested weekly chiropractic treatments to help with fertility. After a few months of care with Andria, I came for my weekly adjustment and decided to take a pregnancy test before my treatment… and I was pregnant!

I continued with my treatments until my last week of pregnancy when Andria did acupuncture and made me go into labor! We had our little girl 8 hours later. Thank you Live Well for the help getting Adella Fair Barber.

– Kari B.


Expertise in Healing and Recovery?

I am very thankful for the care, and level of expertise at LiveWell. They have done a great job of helping me heal and recover multiple times.

Eric L 11/2019 (from Google)

Chronic Hip and Back Issues?

I’ve been going to Live Well since 2013. I have a chronic hip and back issue that needs periodic maintenance.

My back recently locked up due to work and personal stress and I could barely walk, but Dr. Mandy had me much more mobile with less pain and inflammation within just 2 visits.

This center prepares the body for an adjustment, and offers post adjustment techniques to speed healing and reduce inflammation.

Very friendly place. They’re my go-to, whether I need occasional chiropractic care or monthly maintenance.

Thanks, Live Well Chiro!

– Cindy D 9/24/2019

Extra Muscle/Light Massage Work, Anyone?

Excellent provider. They are always on time and I never feel rushed. I love that they offer extra ‘muscle/light massage ‘ work before adjustments. It seems to help release tension. Cupping and acupuncture are great to have during the same visit when needed vs. scheduling another appointment. Dr. Andria is a gifted chiropractor. I’m thrilled to have found this clinic!

Patty M. 7/24/2019

Scared of Chiropractors?

I was scared of chiropractors after a bad experience that happened years ago. This chiropractic clinic completely changed my perception. I’ve seen Dr. Jo, and Dr. Andrea, and was completely at ease with fantastic results! Highly recommend!!

Jan H.  7/2019

Pregnancy, Car Accident, Sports and Work Related Ailments?

I have been a patient here for about nine years and they provide EXCELLENT care! The doctors have seen me through a number of issues: pregnancies, care after a car accident, sports- and work-related ailments. They are very thorough and intuitive, and I appreciate the wonderful care! Plus they are awesome with my kids. Everyone is so friendly and it is a joy to come here!

Alisson Rasmussen 6/2019 (from Goggle)

Massage and Cupping before Adjustment

Live Well goes above and beyond! I had tried a couple local chiropractors in the area and was not happy until I found Live Well.  The staff is wonderful and service is amazing! I especially enjoy the massage and cupping before the adjustment

Melissa S. 02/2019 (from Google)

An Athlete and Cupping.

I hadn’t been the the chiropractor in years, I found Live Well via Google and I am so thankful for a place like this. Dr. Mandy answered all my questions, made me feel comfortable, and I had cupping done along with my adjustment.
I’ve been training for a marathon and my body was all out of sorts, I felt immediate relief and my daughter said “you seem calmer” as we were walking out.
I highly highly highly recommend Live Well

Katie N. 1/26/2019

Mom and Baby Love!

I saw Jo, Andrea and Mandy throughout my pregnancy. Not only did my body feel great but I left every appointment feeling relaxed and taken care of. I now go in with my baby and chiropractor days are our favorite! Jen loves him up while I get massaged and adjusted. He then gets adjusted and inevitably has a a “chiro” nap afterwards – which is the best one I get out of him all week! I tell all my friends to go. It’s truly like being at a spa! Because, well, you are!

Katie E. 1/3/2018

Muscle Work & Cupping – 10 Star!

Absolutely 5 star service from the minute you walk in the door, until you walk out. Dr. Mandy is amazing. She has great technique, is so knowledgeable & very sweet. The muscle work and optional cupping is 100% priceless. I’ve never left a chiropractic appointment feeling so great in my 10+ years of receiving monthly chiropractic care. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Jordana C. 12/18/2017



Jun 7
ALIGNMED Posture Apparel has arrived!
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Check out our Original FUNCTIONAL POSTURE APPAREL for better athletic and daily performance!

ALIGNMED uses evidence based knowledge to construct functional apparel that works with your body to relieve pain, increase performance, endurance and recovery. Not to mention, the increase in confidence and poise that good posture brings.

LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER.  AlignMed’s patented technology is the first to work in harmony with your body


Clothing that serves a function, takes a team of designers, engineers and scientists to develop. It is a fascinating area of development and AlignMed is the innovative pioneer.

“The data on the Posture Shirt indicates that athletes achieve better posture and shoulder strength that benefits them as well. I nicknamed the Posture Shirt the Superman Suit because it looks great and it gives my athletes more power!!!”
Ed Harvey , University of Arizona’s track coach

SEE all the apparel products AVAILABLE NOW through LIVE WELL CHIROPRACTIC SPA & ACUPUNCTURE CENTER by using our Affiliate code LIVEWELL for a 10% DISCOUNT on the ALIGNMED website here. Samples also available to see at Live Well!





Feb 29
re-Ignite your Health with a Summer Cleaning Detox!
Posted by mbsilbs in Chiropractic, Detox, Diet and Nutrition, Event, TEAM Live Well on 02 29th, 2016| icon3Comments Off on re-Ignite your Health with a Summer Cleaning Detox!
Join us to re-IGNITE Your Health with a Summer Cleaning!
Are you ready to take control of your health and start each day with energy and a clear head?  Looking to shred a few pounds and clean up your diet for all the activity of summer?  Bothered by headaches, acne, bloating, sleeplessness, digestive issues, brain fog or chronic disease?
The Clear Change® 10-Day Program featuring UltraClear RENEW is designed to enhance the body’s natural  metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities-providing energy and support for overall well-being. Many people benefit from completing a 10-day metabolic detoxification program two to three times a year.
Start ANY time!
Our Clear Change 10-day Program can be started whenever its most convenient for you!  Our patients get support and encouragement from us,  but with on-line support, success is EASY and at your fingertips!  
Register online @ and sign up to receive Email Support!
The Clear Change 10-Day Detox Program complete kit is $114.50 (includes everything above, plus a program guide, diary & access to recipes, tips, webinar & more!) Please call us with your questions and desire to learn more, or to get started on your own path to detoxification today!
Stop by Live Well today to take the Detoxification Questionnaire, purchase your detox kit, and/or Dynamic Fruits & Greens.  
Interested? Drop us a note here,
drop us a note, or call 952-746-8150
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Add to the Taste & Nutrition of your Powdered Nutritional Detox Program with Dynamic Fruits & Greens (at an additional $41.50)!  

Mar 19
Our Annual Yoga on the Lawn! Thursday, May 19th, 12:30-2pm!
Posted by mbsilbs in Chiropractic, Diet and Nutrition, Event, TEAM Live Well, Yoga on 03 19th, 2015| icon3Comments Off on Our Annual Yoga on the Lawn! Thursday, May 19th, 12:30-2pm!

yoga-for-freeMark your calendars!  Our Annual Yoga on the Lawn is Thursday, May 19th, 12:30-2 pm!  Stretch, bend and be educated by our doctors, massage therapists and local yoga gurus from Living Yoga Chanhassen!  A quick healthy bite will be served too to get you back to your office & life in perfect form!  More info to follow, but RESERVE your spot today by leaving us your name @



See our FULL AD with details here:


Sep 13
Exercise: The Miracle Antidepressant Drug?
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walk-off-fat-150Exercise: The Miracle Antidepressant Drug?

by Mary Sichi, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) Common wisdom holds that exercise boosts your mood, in addition to benefiting your physical health.  Terms such as “endorphins” and “runner’s high” are afloat in the popular lexicon.  If you are a person who exercises regularly, or if you know someone who does, you will likely be aware of this bonus that comes along with vigorous physical activity.  Ample evidence seems to suggest that exercise might hold great promise in the treatment of disorders such as depression.  But anecdotal evidence and personal testimony do not a mental health revolution make.  A new anti-depressant medication, for example, must be tested through clinical trials that prove its efficacy and safety before it can be put on the market.

In the last couple decades, there has been some interest in looking at the mental health value of exercise.  Until recently, however, studies investigating the effectiveness of exercise in the treatment of mental health have not been conducted with the same level of scientific rigor as the clinical trials used to bring anti-depressant medications to the market.  Limitations of previous studies have included the absence of a control group, individuals not being randomly assigned to study groups, and testing the effects of exercise on individuals who were not suffering from a mood disorder.

But a recent placebo-controlled study conducted by James Blumenthal, professor of psychology at Duke University and published in the September issue of the journal Psychosomatic Medicine compared exercise to a common antidepressant medication in a group of individuals diagnosed with major depressive disorder, and found that exercise was as effective as the drug at alleviating symptoms of the disorder.  In this study, 202 depressed adults were randomly assigned to one of four groups: one that received the antidepressant sertraline, one that worked out in a supervised group setting three times a week, one that worked out at home, or one that received a placebo pill.  Sixteen weeks later, 47% of the group that took the antidepressant, 45% of the supervised exercise group, and 40% of those that exercised at home no longer met the criteria for major depression based on a standard measure of depression symptoms.  Although the percent of improvement in the group that exercised on their own was less than that of those that exercised in a supervised group, and the percent improvement in the supervised exercise group was slightly less than that of the group that took the antidepressant, the differences between these three groups were not statistically significant.  All groups improved a statistically significant amount over the placebo group, 31% of which no longer met the criteria for depression at the end of the study.  This study provides powerful evidence that exercise may be a viable alternative to antidepressant medication in the treatment of major depressive disorder.

Other studies have found that the benefits of physical activity can be realized in individuals who are not depressed, but who feel, as is common in our fast-paced culture, that they are mentally worn out and need more energy. In his book, “Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood with Food and Exercise” Dr. Robert E. Thayer describes how exercise can be used as a personal mood-regulator, and cites one of his studies in which it was found that as little as ten minutes of brisk walking raised the mood and increased the energy levels of the subjects in the experiment for up to 2 hours after the walk.

More research is needed to replicate these types of studies and further define the mental health benefits of exercise.  Questions yet to be answered include what types of exercise (e.g., cardiovascular or weight training), what level of intensity and duration, and what frequency of exercising will produce the most benefits.  Additionally, gender or age differences may need to be taken into account when structuring an exercise program aimed at boosting mood.

With this much potential for positive mental health benefits, and with the most likely side effect being better physical health and possible weight loss, it is easy to imagine that if exercise were a marketable drug, it would be at the top of the drug companies’ lists of products to promote.  If more research emerges that clarifies and confirms the potential of exercise in the treatment of disorders such as depression, we may soon hear doctors say, “Run two miles and call me in the morning” to their patients who complain of feeling down.

Psychosomatic Medicine, September 2007;
Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood with Food and Exercise. Robert E. Thayer, Ph.D., Oxford University Press, 2001.

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