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Mar 19
Our Annual Yoga on the Lawn! Thursday, May 19th, 12:30-2pm!
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yoga-for-freeMark your calendars!  Our Annual Yoga on the Lawn is Thursday, May 19th, 12:30-2 pm!  Stretch, bend and be educated by our doctors, massage therapists and local yoga gurus from Living Yoga Chanhassen!  A quick healthy bite will be served too to get you back to your office & life in perfect form!  More info to follow, but RESERVE your spot today by leaving us your name @



See our FULL AD with details here:


Mar 18
New Patient Intake Forms
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Welcome!  Please print off and manually complete your Adult, or Child, New Patient Intake Form.  Bring this, along with any insurance coverage information, to your first scheduled appointment.  If you should have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (952) 746-8150.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Adult New Patient Intake Form

Child New Patient Intake Form

Mar 17
A Customized Flip-Flop? A Spring-Summer MUST HAVE!
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seabreeze2It’s GETTING WARMER!!  Date Night. Girls Night. The Cookout. The Concert. Wherever her day-or night-takes her. The Seabreeze™ and Midnight Breeze™ custom orthotic flip-flops support her every step. Spring is a GREAT time to order our Custom-Made SEABREEZE (natural) and/or MIDNIGHT BREEZE (black only) Orthotic Flip-Flops!  The custom orthotic flip-flop is designed to support your every step (and all 3 arches!), like no other flip-flop has ever done.  From chores to the beach, from the park to the mall, SEABREEZE and MIDNIGHT BREEZE are the flip-flops our female patients have always wanted!

Get your COMPLIMENTARY FOOTSCAN at Live Well Chiropractic Spa to support all 3 foot arches, today!



Sep 29
The Power of Spice and Six Super Spice Recipes — YUM!!
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spices ravioli creamy-chix zucchini turmeric-egg Spice-recipes

Feb 20
Treating Sports & Repetitive Stress Injuries with Kinesio-Tape & Acupuncture
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“Something better than any laser, wrap, or electric massager… the Tape. The pain disappeared–it was gone.”
– Lance Armstrong, “Every Second Counts”

misty-mayMisty May

“What exactly is Kinesio-tape?”

By Dr. Roger Berton, Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor, explains Kinesio Taping. From the Canada Kineso Taping website.

Kinesio Taping gives support and stability to your joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion. It is also used for Preventive Maintenance, Edema, and Pain Management.

kineos-tape-2 kinesio2-1
Kinesio Taping is a technique based on the body’s own natural healing process. This Kinesio Taping exhibits its efficacy through the activation of neurological and circulatory systems. This method basically stems from the science of Kinesiology, hence the name “Kinesio”.

Muscles are not only attributed to the movements of the body but also control the circulation of venous and lymph flows, body temperature, etc. Therefore, the failure of the muscles to function properly induces various kinds of symptoms.

Consequently, so much attention was given to the importance of muscle function that the idea of treating the muscles in order to activate the body’s own healing process came about. Using an elastic tape, it was discovered that muscles and other tissues could be helped by outside assistance. Employment of Kinesio Taping creates a totally new approach to treating nerves, muscles, and organs. The first application of Kinesio Taping was for a patient with articular disorders.
For the first 10 years, orthopedists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and other medical practitioners were the main users of Kinesio Taping. Soon thereafter, Kinesio Taping was used by the Japanese Olympic volleyball players and word quickly spread to other athletes. Today, Kinesio Taping is accepted by medical practitioners and athletes in Japan, United States, Europe, South America and other Asian countries.

david-beckhamDavid Beckham

The Kinesio Taping Method is applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles, and to support muscles in movement on a 24hr/day basis. It is non-restrictive type of taping which allows for full range of motion.

serena-williams Serena Williams

In contrast, traditional sports’ taping is wrapped around a joint strictly for stabilization and support during a sporting event obstructing the flow of bodily fluids… an UNDESIRABLE side-effect.
Kinesio Tape is used for anything from headaches to foot problems and everything in between. Examples include: muscular facilitation or inhibition in pediatric patients, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back strain/pain (subluxations, herniated disc), knee conditions, shoulder conditions, hamstring, groin injury, rotator cuff injury, whiplash, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, patella tracking, pre and post surgical edema, ankle sprains, athletic preventative injury method, and as a support method.

Come get taped up before your next game or event!

Acupuncture Treatment for Sports Injuries, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, and Repetitive Strain Injuries.

One of the most successful ways acupuncture treatment helps sports injuries, back and neck pain, is by using acupuncture to treat trigger points. Trigger points are painful “knots” located in the muscles.


Many chronic pain conditions, such as Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury, and sports injuries respond well to trigger point acupuncture.

Since the pain from these conditions is thought to arise from distinct regions within the muscle known as trigger points, Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) to desensitize those trigger points can be an effective treatment. The method is known as Trigger Point Acupuncture.

trigger_point_trapezius2 trigger_point_trapezius1
The trigger points are shown as X. The red patterns are the areas where the trigger points refer the pain. Trigger points are usually tender to the touch. Acupuncture needle are applied to the trigger points for 30 seconds to 3 min. Most often the trigger points will be less tender to the touch after the acupuncture treatment.

Conditions treated with Acupuncture:

– Acute pain
– Chronic pain
– Fibromyalgia
– Infertility
– Sports Injuries
– Tension headaches
– Migraine headaches
– Sinus/Allergies
– Depression/Stress/Anxiety
– Insomnia
– Weight Loss/Appetite Control
– Stop Smoking Programs

Call Dr. Jo to schedule your free chiropractic evaluation and to find out if taping or acupuncture treatments may help you.


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